The awarding winning soundrack features over 15 new and original songs. Below is a sampling of the songs to listen:

Heaven Rocks
Sung by Ensemble

Sung by Judy Garland character

Elvis, Jesus, and Ye
Sung by the Burning Bush

Lived Fast, Died Young
Sung by Jim Morrison & Janis Joplin characters

We Had Our Days
Sung by John Belushi & Mama Cass
Sung by Freddie Mercury



All photos from Hollywood Stage Production except "We Had our Days" (from San Diego Stage Production).  Photos by Ed Kreiger and Bill Richardson.

Music and Vocals from San Diego Cast Album (Jose Sinatra, Andrea Wells, David Lemmo, Jason Mershon, Libby Weber, Micky Mars, and Satin).



©2007 Heaven Rocks Productions
Book, Music, and Lyrics by Jason Mershon