Palm Springs Performances

Cast Members

Josef Pilato - Joe Ochman - Susan Solomon - Will Collins - Wade Durham
Lisa Sundstent - Anita Bartolotta - Terry Crisp - Mel Hampton - Cris Pentzell

Produced by Jason Mershon & Directed by Marc Mantell

“A very enjoyable show, a funny musical with some
real good tunes”

– Neal Simmons, Palm Canyon Times, Palm Springs

“Fast moving, witty Musical. . .”
– Bruce Fessier, Desert Sun

Elvis and Marilyn enter and join their heavenly friends with the duet "Bar Girls"

Moses complains to Jesus about how the Rock and Rollers are taking over heaven.

Satan and his "vamps", Sodom and Geommorah lament in the song "Don't Blame Me for the Rock"

Liberace sings "Protection" with his dancing condom girls

Judy Garland sings about her "Yesterdays"


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©2007 Heaven Rocks Productions
Book, Music, and Lyrics by Jason Mershon