San Diego Performances

Cast Members

Jose Sinatra - David Lemmo - Joe Nesnow - Terence J Burke - Robert De Lillo
Kristen D'Andrea - Lizette Kent - Andrea Wells - Tristen Luhr - Steven Paine
Libby Weber - Satin - Amanda Andrews - Siobhan Hammack

Produced and Directed by Jason Mershon

“A highly entertaining, funny spoof on Heaven. . . the tunes are singable and the lyrics are extremely clever"
- Charlene Baldridge, Gay & Lesbian Times, San Diego

 “The writing and insight were loaded with puns and sexual innuendoes that kept me laughing the entire time”
- Kent Bates, Revolt and Style, San Diego 

“Guilty, un-politically correct pleasure”
– Marie Victoire, La Jolla Light, San Diego

“The material is fresh, the concept is original. . .
the music is solid.”
– Sean Clark, Peninsula Beacon, San Diego

Janis, Judy, and Marilyn strut their stuff for Elvis

Patsy Cline, John Lennon, Judy Garland, Mama Cass, and John Belushi sing how "We Had
Our Days"

Jesus seems more interested in reading the Earthly tabloids (especially about the Catholic Church scandals) than listen to Moses complain about the Rock and
Roll music

Satan and his "vamps" plan on invading Rock and Roll Heaven

Freddie Mercury sings his version of "Protection" to Jesus and Moses


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©2007 Heaven Rocks Productions
Book, Music, and Lyrics by Jason Mershon